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    About Us

Our journey into dogs was a bit strange to say the least.  Mike and I were out visiting our daughter in Charlotte, NC and she mentioned that she wanted to attend an AKC match with her Australian Shepherd Bumble Bee.  I decided to go and see what it was all about, we had lost our family pet Kito many years ago and had fimly decided "no dogs" but it would be fun to go and see all the different breeds.

I remember walking in the doors and it hitting me immediately...THIS looked like fun!  In fact so much fun that I even took Bumble Bee around the ring and learned how to stack.  I was hooked!

On the drive back I was so excited, this was a sport that I could have fun with.  Our daughter sent us home with homework.  We had put together a list of "must haves" in a dog and we were to go to the next local show and go every day and look at the breeds and call our daughter to discuss.  She also found some local dog people for us to talk to.

As luck would have it, the next show was the HUGE February show in Denver, Colorado with over 2,000 dogs and 100 breeds.  We already knew we wanted a smaller dog.  Mike wanted a dog that was still a bit tough so we had looked a bit more closely to the terrier group.As the show progressed we narrowed our choices down, talked to breeders and by the last day we knew the breed we wanted - BORDER TERRIER.

The next step was to find one, we thought we may want to do conformation so we wanted show quality, we also wanted a male and hoped that we could get one that was a bit older.  Our daughter stepped in and started making calls and ended up finding Deb Pomeroy.  As Deb describes it, Jodie interrogated her more than she interrogated Jodie!  She thought it was amusing the prospective owner's daughter was making sure the breeder was "good enough" for her parents!  As luck would have it, Deb actually had exactly what we were looking for - a 9 month old male!

We drove down the next weekend to Arizona and picked up Ozzie.  Ozzie is named after my father who died when I was a teenager.  He immediately wormed his way into our heart and we have not looked back!  We have also added Scarlet to our home!  WHo would think our "no more dog" household would change!

We are members of the Border Terrier Club of America and enjoy showing in and around Colorado as well as in the Southeast during the winter months.  We own a condo in Norht Myrtle Beach and Scarlet, Ozzie, Mike and I love to hang out on the beach and watch the snow from afar! 

And because we know you are wonderiing, our name Blue River Border Terriers comes from the beautiful Blue River that we love to camp by in the summer months.

Mike and Judi Snaldino - Blue River Border Terriers


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